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Game Prop - Wood Working Table

General / 07 April 2020

So with all of these social-distancing and self-quarantine, I got lot of boredom these days and decided this morning to make something to get my creative juice flowing again.

Thus, this is the one: The Wood Working Table X2000!!!!!

Break Down:

I modeled and textured this within a hour, using Blender and Substance Painter. For the materials, I looked up for some on Substance Source and found these that go along very well with the aesthetic that I had in mind.


Though this only took me an hour to create, it really get my brain going again. I may even add more to this and make it into a full environment for my portfolio. If I won't get bored by the next day. :D

Cozy Cafe - WIP - Unity HDRP

Work In Progress / 03 March 2020

After months of client works, finally, I have some time to start a new personal environment project. So here is another Work in Progress post from me. (OwO)

So as usual, I start the white-box in Unity. And since unity HDRP just got verified for 2019.3, I wanted to try it out as well, along with ray-tracing if possible.

After a few hours of messing around with the settings, I decided that ray-tracing is not worth it, due to my RTX2070 Supper barely manage to render the frame with noticeable noise. And the experience in the editor is so nausea that my brain decides that it's not worth it. :D

So here is the start of my cozy cafe. The setting is at dawn to get that cozy feel in the morning, the chill of the morning dew, and the cozy feel of a hot cup of coffee during the morning traffic - we all had that one morning. (U~U)

My inspirations are from a local Starbuck that I used to go to every morning, back in my university days. The place felt very cozy during the winter and a place to get me ready for the rest of the day.

The cafe's space may feel a little claustrophobic at the moment and I will make it feel more claustrophobic later on when there is more furniture in the scene. In many games, claustrophobia is usually used as a tool to trigger some uncomfortable feelings, like in horror games. But to me, a small space gives a warm comfort zone, that you could call your own. Sometimes, you just want a moment for yourself, and a small area to give peace to your mind.

Character Design - WIP 00 - Blender Sculpt

Work In Progress / 20 August 2019

FYI, I haven't done any character design for a long time and used to be really bad in term of sculpting. So today I decide to work on personal character art, that I can use for a game idea.

First I started out with a subdivided cube and began sculpting the general shape of the head. I'm aiming for a cartoonish style, so I made the decision to leave eyes quite large.

  After 10 minutes, I got something like above and start working on the lips, nose and the neck. Now she looks less like a baby.

  More refine and added eyelash to get the look I want.

  After 2 hours into this, the head has this alien look that I don't quite like, so I went on Artstation and grabbed a reference image of Ashes from Overwatch as a reference point.

So far, I like the progress that I have in a short amount of time. Guess I have the skills for sculpting, but just to beat myself to actually doing. I enjoy the process much more this time around though. Wonder why I hate sculpting in the past. :thinking:

Charlie Rover - WIP 00 - Game idea

Work In Progress / 15 August 2019

Charlie Rover

So I've been working on a new game idea for the last few weeks in Unity. After getting some game mechanic coded, I decide to move forward with the main character model, which is this adorable space rover. Inspired by the Mars Rover from NASA, I roughly modeled this little one these past two days. Mostly working on the detail of the wheel first and moving upward to other parts.

About the name Charlie Rover, it's just a code name that rolls out of my tongue naturally, so I stick with it. Maybe I will keep this as the official name of the rover as well when I write out the narrative later.

Main shot:

Wireframe shot 0:

The current tris-count is 62,576, and I plan to keep it quite high right now since this is the main character model and the player rotates the camera around it. Until the final model is in Unity and I got some performance data, model optimization is not a concern for me at the moment.

Wheel shot:

Wheel Wireframe:

Most of the tri-count are from the wheel, so if optimization is necessary, this is where I will begin.


The game idea is fleshing out nicely, though I still need to write out the design document, or I will forget all of it. When a prototype is ready, I'll post about it in the future. :)

Sewer Tunnel - Unity WIP Update 2

Work In Progress / 30 May 2019

It has been a slow week for me, but at least I made some more progress on my environment.

Currently, my plan is to expand the space more so I can have some large asset to be the main focal point of the environment. Some kind of vista that people could associate the environment with. At the moment, the pipe system seems to be acting as the main focal, but I want something more. Going to brainstorm more in upcoming days.

Shot 01:

Shot 02:

Shot 03:  

Sewer Tunnel - Unity WIP

Work In Progress / 23 May 2019

 Got some more work done today with texturing the pipes, and set up the mood lighting for the environment. Time to move on to other assets, decals, and finally the tunnel's texture.

Floor Tile v0 - Substance Material

General / 20 May 2019

Working on a new project right now, and realize my lack of a material library. So this is a quick floor tile to kick start it.

So from today onward, I'll try to create one material each day - whatever material I feel like creating that day.

Hope by the end of the month, I'll have the whole collection of them to show on the store.