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Character Design - WIP 00 - Blender Sculpt

Work In Progress / 20 August 2019

FYI, I haven't done any character design for a long time and used to be really bad in term of sculpting. So today I decide to work on personal character art, that I can use for a game idea.

First I started out with a subdivided cube and began sculpting the general shape of the head. I'm aiming for a cartoonish style, so I made the decision to leave eyes quite large.

  After 10 minutes, I got something like above and start working on the lips, nose and the neck. Now she looks less like a baby.

  More refine and added eyelash to get the look I want.

  After 2 hours into this, the head has this alien look that I don't quite like, so I went on Artstation and grabbed a reference image of Ashes from Overwatch as a reference point.

So far, I like the progress that I have in a short amount of time. Guess I have the skills for sculpting, but just to beat myself to actually doing. I enjoy the process much more this time around though. Wonder why I hate sculpting in the past. :thinking: