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Charlie Rover - WIP 00 - Game idea

Work In Progress / 15 August 2019

Charlie Rover

So I've been working on a new game idea for the last few weeks in Unity. After getting some game mechanic coded, I decide to move forward with the main character model, which is this adorable space rover. Inspired by the Mars Rover from NASA, I roughly modeled this little one these past two days. Mostly working on the detail of the wheel first and moving upward to other parts.

About the name Charlie Rover, it's just a code name that rolls out of my tongue naturally, so I stick with it. Maybe I will keep this as the official name of the rover as well when I write out the narrative later.

Main shot:

Wireframe shot 0:

The current tris-count is 62,576, and I plan to keep it quite high right now since this is the main character model and the player rotates the camera around it. Until the final model is in Unity and I got some performance data, model optimization is not a concern for me at the moment.

Wheel shot:

Wheel Wireframe:

Most of the tri-count are from the wheel, so if optimization is necessary, this is where I will begin.


The game idea is fleshing out nicely, though I still need to write out the design document, or I will forget all of it. When a prototype is ready, I'll post about it in the future. :)