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Game Prop - Wood Working Table

General / 07 April 2020

So with all of these social-distancing and self-quarantine, I got lot of boredom these days and decided this morning to make something to get my creative juice flowing again.

Thus, this is the one: The Wood Working Table X2000!!!!!

Break Down:

I modeled and textured this within a hour, using Blender and Substance Painter. For the materials, I looked up for some on Substance Source and found these that go along very well with the aesthetic that I had in mind.


Though this only took me an hour to create, it really get my brain going again. I may even add more to this and make it into a full environment for my portfolio. If I won't get bored by the next day. :D

Floor Tile v0 - Substance Material

General / 20 May 2019

Working on a new project right now, and realize my lack of a material library. So this is a quick floor tile to kick start it.

So from today onward, I'll try to create one material each day - whatever material I feel like creating that day.

Hope by the end of the month, I'll have the whole collection of them to show on the store.